Create thumbnail and replace original image to thumbnail

Thumbnails are created for

  • frontpage
  • blog
  • articles
  • mod_custom (joomla 2.5)

You can also turn option of creating thumbnails for the intro_image.

Also can set values for Itemid


  • 10:300 200
  • a10:350 200
    a - article


10:300 200 crop

crop, width, height, both, stylesize

stylesize - use size that are specified in the visual editor (for this option was used, you need to use the material settings, i.e. for the category and material will be created two thumbnails)

Thumbnail size can be specified in the article. To do this, add a stylesize (or ss) or tagsize (ts) class. For the class stylesize used the size specified in the attribute style. For the class tagsize used the size specified in the attributes width and height.

jdvthumbs (en) jdvthumbs (en)

To save disk space, you can use the general settings Category, the Featured page and Articles. For example, if for the materials set an option to Use the settings from: Category, then for category and the articles will create a thumbnails with parameters set in the Settings for the blog.

Adding to the image watermark.

For external links added "outer" class

Thumbnails are not made for the images in the link, in div and images with class nothumb.

Can download a separate file for the thumbnail. The file has the following form custom-filename.jpg

If the option load slimbox in joomla 3 slimbox will not work, you need to disable this option in the plugin settings and add the following code to the template.

Adding slimbox into a template for Joomla 3:

<script src="media/plg_content_jdvthumbs/slimbox-jquery/slimbox2.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="media/plg_content_jdvthumbs/slimbox-jquery/css/slimbox2<?php echo (JFactory::getLanguage()->isRTL() ? &#39;-rtl&#39; : &#39;&#39;) ?>.css" type="text/css" />


<jdoc:include type="head" />


$doc = JFactory::getDocument();
$doc->addScript(JURI::base() . &#39;/media/plg_content_jdvthumbs/slimbox-jquery/slimbox2.js&#39;, &#39;text/javascript&#39;);
$doc->addStyleSheet(JURI::base() . &#39;/media/plg_content_jdvthumbs/slimbox-jquery/css/slimbox2&#39;.(JFactory::getLanguage()->isRTL() ? &#39;-rtl&#39; : &#39;&#39;).&#39;.css&#39;, &#39;text/css&#39;);

befor jdoc head.

jdvthumbs (download)

Поддержать плагин материально


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